Mr. Pranab Kr Nath is showing an artist is the asset of a society

pbUpdate Correspondent, Agartala, 04 August || Our society is changing continuously. Sometimes you find that the society is degrading slowly. So the good thinking people need to do something in this regard.
Art also can be a form to change the society. Yes different videos can be created on social issues. It will convey message to the young generation too. You know that a Lion’s share of the young generation is in touch with internet and website and also different social medias. So videos on social issues may rejuvenate our society in a positive way. An artist from Tripura whose name is Mr. Pranab Kr Nath has shown us that it can be done. He also acts in many videos which are basically addressing the social issues. It is not that he is only making the videos. Most importantly this video’s have been viewed hugely. All the videos so far have been viewed more than 3.2 million viewers. It is really an achievement for an artist. Most importantly e the videos are conveying messages and these are reaching to the people. It may help in a great way to sensitize the society and also make the young generation aware of different social responsibilities. Mr. Pranab Kr Nath is striving hard and his motto is to avoid the society of different things through his art form. It is really a commendable step and people are also appreciating his work. It also inspires him and provide him energy for the future work.



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