drUpdate Reporter, 3rd September :: Recently on 24th Aug-2015 a new and practical applications of Dr. Arijit Das, Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry, Ramthakur College, Agartala, Tripura, India, time‐economic and efficient teaching methodologies came in the form of a tool namely ‘Hydrocarbon Parser’ made by Dr.Edel Garcia, a multidisciplinary scientist and Administrator of Minerazzi.com, Bayamon, Puerto Rico, USA to calculate  and discriminate of chemical bonds in hydrocarbons. Dr.Garcia the creator of the Minerazzi Project, which started at the now defunct local Microsoft Innovation Center. Minerazzi (http://www.minerazzi.com) is a platform owned by Dr.Garcia and for building topic-specific search engines on any field or knowledge domain in USA.

“This tool parses an input chemical formula and predicts the number and types of 0chemical bonds present in them with its normal boiling point and few other things. The predicted data can then be comparing with experimental results” said Dr.Das.

“Hydrocarbon parser software covenants about the chemical composition and possible formulae that students of UG, Senior UG and PG level find difficult to decide many times if it exists. Now they can analyze it within a second with the help of this tool. It will be of extreme benefit to the student or research fraternity irrespective of their expertise in the chemical domain. Unlike existing models or tools which employ the database and seems complicated for the user this newly developed tool is user friendly and even a layman can use it and extract relevant information.The tool works without consulting molecular orbital theory (MOT) or a chemical database. Just enter a set of formulae CxHy” said Dr.Das.

“To use the tool, a user only needs to enter a set of hydrocarbon formulas, ending each one by pressing the [CxHy] key from his/her computer. In few seconds, the tool validates and classifies all the chemical formulas, computes numbers and types of chemical bonds, and discriminates between functional isomers. The user can then use this information to propose candidate chemical structures in a timeeconomic manner” said Dr.Das

Chemical engineers as chemists, chemistry students and their teachers may find this tool useful. This tool is part of an ongoing effort of finding more applications to text mining in other disciplines and fields. It helps teachers, students and editors when grading or reviewing in a time efficient manner or chemists/chemical engineers when doing lab work.

In an appreciative letter regarding Dr. Arijit Das, Dr.Garcia said  “Thanks to Dr. Das novel formulae, we were able to build a tool for the automatic computation and elucidation of chemical bonds and functional isomers from hydrocarbons chemical formulas of the form CxHy, where x and y are the numbers of carbon and hydrogen atoms.”

He also said in a communication with Dr Das through Email I have researcher several methodologies for chemical formulations and found that your methodologies are the best of the bests for what I’m trying to accomplish : provide a user friendly hydrocarbons parser that anyone (researchers, teachers, students, the public) can use for free at any time. The parser is a lightweight program written in PHP and does not require of a database, only user input”.

Lastly Dr.Garcia said “We are very intriguing about finding more practical applications to Dr. Das excellent ideas in the area of chemical education”.

‘Hydrocarbons Parser’ tool freely accessible online in the Tools section of Minerazzi at http://www.minerazzi.com/tools/hydrocarbons/parser.php.

Not only this Dr.Das methodologies indexed in the American Chemical Society’s Digital index, USA and also in the ‘ChemWiki’ by the Prof. Delmar Larsen, Founder and Director of the ‘ChemWiki’, Department of Chemistry, University of California, USA based upon the work supported by the National Science Foundation (NSF) under Grant Number 1246120. NSF are the funding source for approximately 24 percent of all federally supported basic research conducted by America’s colleges and universities.


After verification of one year by different eminent reviewers of the Indian Chemical Society, 31st July at 10.15 A.M. Pro-Vice-Chancellor of C.U. Prof. Dhrubajyoti Chattopadhyay inaugurated the journal “Education in Chemical Science and Technology” published by the ‘Indian Chemical Society’,A.P.C. Road, Kolkata in the ‘National Symposium on Recent Advances in Chemistry and Industry (2015)’ organized by the Indian Chemical Society with Jadavpur University , Calcutta University, IACS etc. at Meghnad Saha Bhavan,92, A.P.C. Road, Kolkata. This journal contains all 16 teaching methodologies including 36 new formulae in the field of Chemical Education invented by Dr Arijit Das. This has been published in the form of a review article (25-27 pages) entitled “Time Economic Innovative Pedagogies In Chemical Science – A Review Article”. Now everyone can use Dr Das’s formulae in the Exam Hall. Dr Das’s innovative contribution in the form of 16 new methodologies and 36 formulae have come as a boon for student community studying chemistry across the world.

Honorable Education and Higher Education Minister of Govt. of Tripura Mr. Tapan Chakraborty and Secretary, Department of Higher Education, Mr.Santanu Das, IAS congratulated Dr.Das for his great achievement. Different eminent personalities from Indian different universities including C.U., Osamania University, Hyderabad University, Kalyani University, NEHU, Shillong etc. also congratulated Dr.Das.


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